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Those little moments of random joy during the day, no matter how small. And those little moments of random despair during the day, also no matter how small.

Win I opened a yoghurt and the lid came off without a single residue of yoghurt. So effing satisfying.

Fail I left the house with my dog this morning to go on a walk, to be greeted by a cat shitting in my garden.

Win The gym I go to raised over £2000 for a local food bank and Christmas toy appeal with a sponsored 50,000 calorie challenge. It is just SO good to be part of a gym that is so thoughtful and focused on its community, always looking for ways to give back. Tribe Crossfit Moira is a very special gym indeed.

Fail I was outside yesterday morning with my dog, just standing on the patio in my bare feet and they were frozen. When I came back into the house I saw a pair of gloves sitting on the counter and thought, someone should really invent gloves for our feet.

Fail Someone stole the Christmas wreath from our front door. Wtf?!

Wins vs Fails: Welcome
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